Bobby & the Believers is a part-time dance band providing popular "cover" music for your listening and dancing pleasure. The band's foundation is based on the classic "horn band" sound which includes The Motown Sound, Big band, Funk, Powerful Ballads, and New Music that fits the make-up of the group. The band also excels in other styles of music that make the group adaptable to a wide range of situations and satisfies most audiences' musical appetites. All of the musicians and crew are well-seasoned professionals that take their craft seriously and deliver a quality product.


Prior to 1978 Randy Neilson (keyboards), Paul Beardmore (bass), Denis Mroz (guitar), and Carmen Sorrentino (drums) played in the band named Celebrate, the house band at the Cinema Lounge night club for many years. In 1979 the members of that band separated from their leader/lead singer to form a new band. This group was named Epilog and fell under the direction of Randy. At that time, the band found a new singer Bobby Jackson, and became a Top-40 group rooted in the Baltimore area playing for dances, schools, and night clubs.

In addition to being a member of Epilog, Randy played bass trombone in the Crabtowne Big Band. This group was based in Annapolis and run by Bari Sax player Mike Mileski. Mike wanted to host a special presentation of Blues Brothers tunes at one of the band's jobs, but the big band didn't have a singer. So, through Randy's association with Epilog, Bobby Jackson did the show with amazing delivery, and the crowd's reaction was overwhelming. This event turned out to be the birth of the Believers, because shortly thereafter four horns players were added to Epilog for a special set. It was not long after this arragement in the fall of 1983 that the group renamed itself "Bobby & the Believers" and the horns became permanent.

A big turnover happened in 1991 when Bobby Jackson and several others left the band.  At that point a female singer, Nita Slater, was added to the front line along with Steve Washington.  This change permitted the Believers with more diversity and enabled the Believers to appeal to an even wider audience.  In 1998 the band decided to add an additional sax player to make the horn section five strong.  


In 2014 the band has downsized to be more competitive in these ecomonic times by a reduction in the crew and horn section.


 Now in 2016, one of the former members, Kevin Hughes, has rejoin the group ramping up the horn power.