Band and Crew

Frequently asked questions are listed questions and answers.

Of all the band members listed, how many show up on the job?

The short answer is ten. There are the normally enine band members on stage plus one an additional crew member.

Can I pick the songs I want the band to play?

Not exactly, there are factors that influence which songs the band should play that a client can not be aware of. Unlike a DJ, there are performance and endurance factors for particular songs which have to be taken into consideration when songs are called through the course of the event. The band always strives to deliver a quality performance and does not want to put it's sound into a compromising position, for that reason, the band will make the decision of what songs will be played. However, the group will take into consideration what songs the client likes and dislikes. The band will use this feedback and make every effort to select the songs according to the clients (and/or their guest) wishes. The lead singer, Joel Lewis, reads the crowd, refers to the submitted feedback, uses his vast experience of live presentation and crowd reaction, and then calls the tunes to the band members onstage as they are being played (using the bands intercom system). The ability to spontaneously adapt "to the moment" is a feature of this large band and enhances the potential to get the best possible reaction from their audience.

Does the band break down into a smaller group?

No, Bobby & the Believers signature sound is dependent on having all of the parts present. The Believers songs are arranged specifically for the talents and capabilities of the members of this group. However, there are some splinter projects that a few of members are involved in. These groups present a totally different type of music and presentation from Bobby & the Believers.

Why does the band need breaks?

Playing an instrument is a physically challenging activity. Entertaining with intensity is even more challenging. To that end, the band needs breaks to avoid major fatigue, bleeding lips, and late night cramps. However, the party doesn't stop when the group takes a break. The band will provide taped music to carry through to the next energetic set.

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Wedding FAQs

Frequently asked questions are listed questions and answers.

If I want the band to play special songs at my wedding reception?

The band will entertain learning one special song (typically the first dance). This song needs to be declared at least 60 days prior to the event so the band can work it into their rehearsal schedule. (The band reserves the right to decline the request and play the tape/CD/mp3 if the group is not able to do the song justice.) If there are other songs requested, the band would be happy to play the customer-provided CD or MP3 player.

Who will do the announcing and what information needs to be provided beforehand?

Joel Lewis will provide MC services if desired. Most information is contained on the Wedding Planner Guide and, typically, Joel will review the pronunciations with the client (or coordinator) just prior to the announcements.

When do I need to fill out a Wedding Planner?

OK ... so you want to have the band play at your wedding reception but there are one hundred and one questions that need answering -- not really that many, but there are a few questions the band would like to ask and this should help you with your planning.

You can download our Wedding Planner Questionnaire (PDF document) and answer the questions at your leisure.  When you think you have all of the answers, either fax it to us, or email it anytime prior to the event.

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How do I Hire the Band

Frequently asked questions are listed questions and answers.

Should I contact an agency or can I hire the band directly?

Prospective clients can contact and book the band directly. However, if an agency has first contact, bookings and follow-up will normally be handled through that agency.

How far in advance does the band book?

Depending on the season, some clients will book more than one year in advance. However, dates can be booked up to one month in advance (provided the date is available).

Does someone from the band need to visit the venue before the day of the event?

No, the band is equipped to adapt to most any set-up. Upon arrival, which is typically two hours before the doors open, the crew will assess the venue and determine the scale of the equipment necessary for the room. The crew will then coordinate with the staff in preparation for the show.

What if I can't meet all of the terms in the contract rider?

W hen hiring the band, the contract rider is the starting point for logistical concerns. This rider is not indented to be a hardship for the client. Any resulting issues should be discussed with the band prior to the event so things will run smoothly and there shouldn't be any surprises the day of the event.

Who do I make the check out to?

Deposits are made to the agency (unless it is a direct booking). Balances should be paid to the band leader Randy Neilson.

How long does it take the band to set-up and pack-up?

Typically (depending on the venue), it takes the crew 1-1/2 hours to set-up and 1 hour to pack-up.

What should I expect the day of the event?

The bands crew should arrive on site approximately 2 hours before doors open. Special logistical issues should be discussed with Randy Neilson, the leader and keyboardist.  It will typically take 1 1/2 hours for them to setup.  The band members will arrive 1/2 hour before their schedule start time.  Special coordination needs should be discussed with Joel Lewis, the male vocalist, prior to the start of the event.

How much room will the band need?

Typically, the band can fit on a 12'x16' area (either elevated or on the floor).  A stage plot (PDF) of the bands setup can be printed or download for future reference.

How far will the band travel?

Typically, the band performs in the Baltimore/Washington area but they will travel anywhere a plane can take them. (However, equipment leasing  and additional travel expenses may be necessary)

Does the band carry its own production?

Yes, the band provides its own sound and lights for small to mid-sized events. For large scale venues, our crew is very experienced in working with other production companies.

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