Crew Members

Since the band has scaled back its size and equipment, you will normally find one crew member at the jobs to run sound.


Kevin Leftridge

joined  in 2010

Kevin takes care of the band on the sound board and in between sets too. When Kevin needs a little help, he has is son, Jourdan, tag along for some heavy lifting.


Ritchie Smith

joined  in 1997

Ritchie, a retired sound engineer for the Navy by profession, has joined the Believers ranks. Not only is Ritchie a master on the knobs, he is also a drummer and knows how to beat the tubs.


Past Crew Members

The band is grateful to those that served in the crew

Timothy Kirkendall

Mike Whattaker

Benjamin Price

Blake Neilson
Dave Allanach (deceased)
Sam Wylie
Chris Miller
Mike “Bunk” Miller
Tony Matulonis
Pat Hughes
Pat Donavin
Pete Miller
Glenn Davis


John Farlow
Jim Bull
Mike Reynolds
Tom Neeson
Joely Taylor
Hank Bauer
Phil Shears
Rick May

Jourdan Leftridge

Missy Mroz

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