Band Members


Joel Lewis - Lead Vocals

joined  in 1999

Being a military man, Joel brings a command performance to the Believers show.  His past experience as lead vocalist for the US Naval Academy's premiere rock band, "The Electric Brigade", has taken him all over the world.  The band is fortunate to have Joel up on the Believers front line.



Kathy Stansbury - Lead Vocals

joined  in 1995

You would think that Aretha Franklin is on stage with the Believers after hearing Kathy sing. Kathy has a strong gospel based music education that shows when she "lets it all hang out" when it comes time to sing. Kathy is also a dog lover, which is good, because the rest of this band is nothing but a pack of dogs.



Kevin Crowley - Drums, Vocals

joined  in 1988

Kevin, a computer network analyst for the Government by day, kicks the tubs by night. Kevin is a monster when it comes to the drums.



Bill Adams - Bass

joined  in 1987

Bill works for Verizon and keeps the nation communicating without wires. He also communicates the bottom line for the band on stage. Bill's superb bass playing is most often understated. However Bill has another talent. His knack for quick (and sometimes sick) one-liners keeps the band constantly laughing. (Maybe this is why they won't give him a microphone, ... he would get everyone into too much trouble.)



Vince Mazzitti - Guitar

joined  in 2010

Vince came to the Believers in 2010. Being a systems engineer by day gives him a good background for figuring out all of those hard guitar licks. But, I'm sure his training at Towson State University as a Guitar major didn't hurt either.



Randy Neilson - Keyboards, Vocals

founded  in 1979

Randy is the owner and leader of the band as a part of Neilson Enterprises. He is a retired Systems Engineer, church organist, and composes custom music in film and video in his home studio. Both Randy and Joel arrange the majority of the Believers music.



Jeff Price - Trumpet, Harmonica

joined  in 1983

Is an original member of the Believers. Jeff choreographed many of the horn section's flashy moves. He holds a bachelors degree in Biology from University of Maryland and has been playing the horn for over 30 years.






Kevin Hughes -  Sax

joined  in 1999

 Kevin is known as one of Baltimore's finest alto players.   Not only does he bring his talents to the believers, he is by far the hippest showman on stage and has mesmerized crowds, thus proclaiming this gentleman as "Sir Smoothness"


Jon Schmidt -  Sax & Flute

joined  in 1992

Jon has worked as a professional musician for over 30 years. Being a Berklee College of Music alumni and a classically trained flutist, Jon still works diligently at his craft.



Brad Anderson - Trombone, Vocals

joined  in 1983

Brad is an original member of the band. To his credit, Brad is one of the arrangers for the Believers. This guy has been sliding the trombone for over 28 years now. (And that's a lot of sliding ... his even been known to let that bone-a-fone slide get away from him and go right out on the dance floor.) You would never think the this wild man by night is a software engineer by day. I guess that's why he is the Low Rider... and sings it to boot!


Past Members

The band is eternally grateful to those musicians who served

Bobby Jackson

Steve Washington
Nita Slater
Shelia Ford

Craig Davis

Corey Bowcutt
Steve Swan
Ron Paunska
Rob “Moe” Morrison
Mike Mileski (deceased)
Joe Brieker
Vince Novak
Chuck Klapka (deceased)
Barry Caudil
John Getz

Cathy Stiles




Matt Kuhn
Charlie Taylor
Carmen Sorrentino (deceased)
Paul Beardmore
Dennis Mroz
Bob Cumiskey
Mike Taylor
Matt Ascione